Platanos (v/gf) - $5

Guacamole (vt/gf), house made, prepared to order served with fresh tortilla chips - $12

Calamares Fritos- Fried calamari with chipotle aioli sauce - $11

Ceviche Mixto- Combination of shrimp, calamari and fish with lime, tomato, onion and sweet potato $14

Ceviche - lime, tomato, red onion and sweet potato $ 11

Queso fundido - queso chihuahua, queso oaxaca, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, mushrooms and poblano peppers (vt/gf) - $9   Add chorizo (gf) +$2

El Camino quesadilla - fresh masa tortilla, queso chihuahua, Monterrey jack, Cheddar cheese, served with guacamole, pico de gallo and mexican crema ( vt) - $8 ( Add chicken, beef or shrimp - $3)

Tortilla soup - Mexican Style chicken broth with mixed vegetables, cilantro, avocado, cheese and crispy tortilla strips (gf) - $6

Nachos- Fried corn tortilla with beans, pico de gallo and mexican crema (gf/ vt) - $8 ( Add chicken or beef $2 )

Camarones con arroz - Sonoran-style adobo marinated shrimp, creamy rice, onion, Poblano pepper (vt)- $12

Papas fritas - French fries, chipotle sauce, salsa verde, queso fresco, toasted sesame seeds (vt/gf) - $6


Tostada Salad- Crispy flour tortilla shell filled with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, shredded Chihuahua cheese and home made jalapeno-honey mustard dressing, with chicken or beef $11

El Camino Salad- Romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, hearth palms, Oaxaca cheese, tossed with homemade jalapeno-honey mustard dressing (vt/ gf ) 7

Caesar Salad- Romaine lettuce tossed with home Caesar dressing and croutons $8


TACOS (gf) - $2.50 each|  Mushrooms and Spinach; Beans and Aoxaca cheese (v); Rajas de cactus (vt/p)

TACOS (gf) - $3.50 each|  Carnitas; Chorizo; Camarones; Pollo Asado; Carne Asada; Al Pastor; Baja Fish; Chicken Tinga; Shredded Beef (gf)


Saltados- Sauteed tomatoes, onion, jalapeno peppers, celery, french fries and cilantro, served with rice and beans (gf) Lomo ( NY Strips) 20 / Shrimp 21 / Grilled Chicken 16

Fajita- Strips peppers, tomatoes, onion with rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, Mexican crema and flour tortillas Vegetables $ 12 / Grilled Chicken $ 16 / Skirt Steak $ 18 / Grilled Shrimp $22

Carne Asada -Skirt Steak topped with chimichurri, served with vegetables, rice & beans (gf) - $18

Pollo en Mole - Chicken breast in Puebla-style mole sauce, toasted sesame seeds, rice & beans (gf) - $18

Masitas de Puerco - Slow roasted pork with onion, served with plantains, rice and beans - $19

Camino Steak- 12 Oz NY strip topped with shrimp and garlic sauce, served with rice, beans, plantains and vegetables - $25

Pescado del Dia - whole fish pan fried, with creamy white wine sauce, spring onions, rice & beans (gf) - $25

Enchiladas ( Corn tortillas), Burritos and Chimichanga ( Flour tortilla) Stuffed tortilla served with rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and Mexican crema Mushrooms and Spinach (vt) $11 / Chicken Tinga $ 11 / Grilled Chicken $12 / Shredded Beef $11 / Grilled Steak $ 14 / Shrimp $18



pico de gallo (vt/gf)

Rice (v/gf)

Beans (v/gf)

Guacamole (gf)

Avocado (vt/gf)



Tres leches cake (vt)


Coconut Flan (gf)


v = vegan   vt = vegetarian   gf = gluten free   p = peanuts